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Group Founder: goodlys
Group Type: Public join
Members: 239
Category: Religion & Beliefs > Islam

Topics (19)

go Islam is best (2) rasel79
I am so happy seeing group, i think that now we can share Quran and hadith and about our god and prophet (sm) in this group

go Be united (0) masood99
Muslims fundamentalists follow saying s of allah n rasool(saw) siya sunni hadees leav tat things, muslim should b kind friendly helping advice to muslims each other, allah dnt lik diferentiates in mus...

go First Islamic Wap Forum (0) 786.sami
Assalamu alaikum my brothers and sisters in Islam! Hope you all are Alhamdulilah.Finally, our Islamic wap forum is ready!!You are requested to join once again.The new forum has lots of new features th...

go Ya Hujat ibn e alHassan a.j (0) karbala2
Need a shia muslim girl +923348223061

go MUST READ IT (5) shayan4u
Please send this message to every one you know. If you dont.... A Muslim(s) around the world could be receiving false information about Islam which you know about, so I would send this messages as s...

go Muslim buddies (14) firi_786
Hu wana b my friend?

go Chat/Photos!! (0) furyclub
Checkout this muslims wap commnity

go teen lifestyle (7) attari
dear islami frds,we knw that teens r going to english fashion style,n leave sweet sunnats,we should look ths topic n try to learn sunnat n islami lifestyale.

go AKEEL ATTARI (2) attari
muhmmad akeel attari is hind madani kabeena nigraan n they nw are welcoming in nadi mohlla masjid,pali-marwar,rajashan,INDIA.HE IS HEAD OF DAWATEISLAMI IN INDIA.

go ~~INVITATION~~ (0) shayan4u ASSALAM ALAIKUM BROTHER AND SISTER IN ISLAM COME TO JOIN AN ANOTHER ISLAMIC GROUP [strong]Click here[/strong] http://islamicdownload...

go Islam (1) sola08
Pls i would like 2 know more about islam.though i'm a muslim.but i just need 2 know.i need ur reply.may Allah grant us all our wishes.

go muslim unity (2) suggu69
For centuries Muslims all over the world celarate Eidul Fitri in difrent day.Of course this ir very disppointing it is not only shows that Muslims are not united but also an evedence that Hijriayah Ca...

go slms (17) sabzero
y is islam slippin away ppl?wer is da unity da once ws?as youth n yung adults we shud help restore faith n imaan in our muslim bros n sis..

go Teen brothers (0) a.safwan
Brothers! Slam we hv a work to do we as a muslm hv a rsponsblty 2 do for our cmnty n also for the manknd we need to collect important tpics on islam n upload it on this grp so dat evry1 can gain frm i...

go Attention teengers (0) shayan4u
Asslam alikum brothers if u want 2 upload or download islamic materails then join the group islamicdownloads